home-1Palazzo’s tiles are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. We understand that color, texture, and aesthetics are important when choosing floor tiles that best suit your environment. It is reassuring to know that our floor tiles, not only look good, but they are meeting the safety and quality standards that are crucial in your project. Domestic, industrial, or commercial sites have a range of different needs when it comes to quality flooring. We detail the suitability of our floor tiles to the traffic usage of your space, from light traffic, to medium, high, and heavy traffic. The surfaces of many of the tiles in our inventory are designed for wet areas, with non-slip, easy clean surfaces. We specify which tiles are most suitable for using on ramps and wet areas. Our floor tiles can be adapted to any space that requires flooring – so whether you are tiling an outdoor entertainment area, around a pool, in a factory, lounge room, an office, bathroom, kitchen, or any other space, there is always a tile that is tailored to your flooring needs.

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