Design Services

Palazzo specializes in custom kitchen and bathroom designs with all aspects of kitchen and bathroom renovation considered. From shower enclosures to kitchen cabinets, we have everything you need for excellent kitchen and bathroom designs. Our Concord showroom demonstrates this with beautiful displays. The latest trends and timeless classics are all available for you to create the best kitchen or bathroom design you’ve ever owned. Your kitchen is such an important part of the home that it has an impact on all surrounding rooms. When you realize this, you will want only the best and that is our goal. We want you to have a kitchen or bathroom design that suits your requirements now and in the future.

By offering full kitchen and bathroom renovation as well as installation services and a team of designers, we are able to work with you every step of the way to a fabulous new kitchen or bathroom. This takes the guesswork out of an otherwise arduous task. Our renovations are backed up by the finest suppliers in the industry, ensuring that all building materials are of the highest quality. We utilise a team of experienced tradesmen for installation and they will always get the job done properly. They cater to you, working with your lifestyle to minimize interruptions as they build your new kitchen or bathroom according to the design you selected.

Our Designers

We have highly experienced kitchen and bathroom designers who will work with you to select from many different designs until you settle on one that suits your tastes. Choose from a wide range of selections from classical to modern, and everything in between. Kitchens and bathrooms are our designers’ speciality and they go the extra length to make sure that you get the most out of your new design. When you are carefully guided through every step, the process is much less of a headache and more of a delight. You will be creating your dream kitchen or bathroom with the help of the top experts in the renovation industry. They will help you select those special accents like light fixtures and different types of backsplashes. It can be difficult to decide between the options with such a broad selection of designs before you.

Whatever kitchen or bathroom design you can think of, our designers will be able to make it happen. This is their talent and they offer it to you because we understand how important it is to you. We have an extensive range of kitchen and bathroom designs from which you can select any variation according to your preferences. With good designers on your side and our friendly support staff, you are sure to be satisfied when all is said and done.


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